Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reject Refuse Reduce Reuse

Habits worth adopting.

Art Scavenger Hunt

Art Scavenger HuntOlder kids take their sketchbooks along, and the younger ones take a clipboard and paper…and the drawing checklist. A few of the ten items on the checklist:

~ draw your favorite piece of playground equipment
~ draw your friend as they pose for you
~ do three texture rubbings
~ draw our home, school, etc.. from where you are sitting

Monday, April 9, 2012

Plastic Easter Egg Bunny and Spring Scene.

Plastic Easter Egg Bunny and Spring Scene: made and enjoyed by my children and I.

Upcycled Wind Chime

I finally made the wind chimes using found kitchen utensils...fun! And, hung it on the "driftwood, nuts n' bolts hook" my daughter and I made together last year.

50 Ways to Repurpose those Plastic Easter Eggs

Rain Forest Elementary Education

Mrs. Colgan's class, the Rain Forest Tree in the making. Using a over sized, hollow, paperboard tube; we painted it, I poked random large holes, put it up in a burlap wrapped christmas tree stand. The kids took turns putting the sticks they gathered earlier in the tube. Leaves next...then life size creatures. So much fun!
Thank you Mrs. Colgan for having me in your class to be part of your Rain Forest education!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Recycled Earth

Recycled Shopping Bags: Earth, I made with used shopping bags and cereal bags. I balled them up, taped with heavy duty tape and covered with fabric scrap because I sew. I also made these Earths for a 1st grade classroom; they decoupaged and painted them. Covering with scrap paper/magazines/newspapers would be fun too. 

Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Charles Moore - the Great Pacific plastic trash island

Recycled Puzzle Frame

Puzzle Frame


  • Frame made with recycled cereal boxes cut into three pieces: front frame, same size backing and thin piece for stand
  • Assembled using a stapler (remember to leave top open for photo)
  • Decorated with colorful, recycled puzzle pieces (from home or consignment stores) with tacky glue.

Recycled Kindness Can

Recycled Art for one Big, After School Activity

Recycled Kindness Can
One Day, After School Recycled Art Activity.

  • Decorate Tin Can with positive magazine images and/or words, Recycled Paper, etc..
  • Make and Fill with Affirmation Cards. Using printable affirmations (attached link), cut and pasted on paperboard (cereal boxes, etc.) and decorated with recycled paper and/or magazines.
  • Using magazines: I go through the magazines in advance and cut/tear images and words so that kids won't be subject to media images, advertising and  inappropriate content. 
  • Bring home for themselves and family to enjoy.